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About Us

A unit of prestigious Cherukuri Group, CREC (Cherukuri Real Estates & Constructions) is established to serve the customers and general public who aspire of purchasing a plot or a flat at affordable price.
A flagship unit of Cherukuri Group, CREC invests after choosing selective lands which are clear in title, in and around twin cities which have the potential to develop in the near future.Till date, the company has a land bank of 1,88,000 sq.yards totalling 650 plots.

What do we do

We are calling primary market in relation to Real estates where for the first time Acres are acquired, developed, divided into Plots and sold. Secondary market in Realestate properties refer to the market where the properties in the Primary market comes for resale. This is where Cherukuri Group is trying to foray and give customers clear, undisputed, marketable title to the Customers. To sum up the subject Cherukuri Group is trying to foray into both the Primary and Secondary Market of Realestate properties for the customers. Therefore, the main activities of this scheme would be as below :

                a)To sell plots of the primary market by doing ventures.

     b)To buy plots of the primary market for reselling.

c)To buy existing plots of the secondary market.

d)To sell plots acquired in the secondary market.



  We have a huge databank of prospective buyers keen to invest on the residential, industrial, and commercial properties.

  We have the right blend of resources and network to help you Sell Individual House in Hyderabad for which you can receive appreciated prices.

  We cross-check and evaluate the credit-worthiness of the sellers & buyers and their identities.

  We help in facilitating negotiations with the right seller or buyer for the prices on your behalf

  We provide quality advice in documentation areas related to Title Report, Sales Deed, Payment of Stamp Duty, and so forth

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